Kookschool Kunsten Eindhoven & Gülnur Nielen – Sarıdayı partnership hosted a dining experience during Dutch Design Week 2019.

Since Gülnur realised Turkish cuisine’s reputation throughout Western Europe isn’t a great one, she felt like it needed better representation. She wanted to promote her true cultural heritage to build a reputable business.

She imagined a dining experience, where the guests were to join together around one large table before ever meeting one another to try Turkish style cuisine.

Considering how guests are introduced to each other would set forth the mood of the entire evening, I imagined a chatty one where expressing of feelings emotionally could be a good fit of -Turkish- culture.

Given the constraints of the scope, I designed a small game in which the guests are proposed to guess the smell of flowers and herbs that belong to Turkish cooking during lounge.

The aim was to spark chit chat among participants, and engage them of scents’ reminiscence.