Design Studio Kadıköy posted a call for action to introduce a new board game for its senior citizens before the senior citizens week. A group

of volunteers with varying expertise in the field gathered to execute board game designs.


Volunteers visited the two recreation centres to gather qualitative data on how the aging population spend their time locally.

To keep the aging population socially engaged in activities that help with their emotional and memorial needs, a mental model of “game of marbles” was chosen as the interaction model. The reason why something so familiar as game of marbles was chosen as one of the mechanics of the game is because the qualitative research revealed how target group was relatively closed to new concepts and learning.



In order to win the game, players needs to be rid of all the marbles they are given in the begining of the game.

The game mechanics were designed considering the target group and where they are on their biological life cycle. The subtle message is to loose it “all” in order to win “the game”, to cope with losing competency in varying skills and mental preparation for death.