Link 24 is one of the web services digital agency Arge 24 offers to shorten long URLs.
When I was onboarded with the project, the website was already getting a lot of traffic from SEO, however the service did not have a business model yet.

Phase I: Research

I kickstarted the project with product owner interview.
The snapshot was critical: Although Arge 24 had several products they have been developing over the last 2 years, they operated like an agency. Company revenue was mostly generated with the services maintenance they offer to a niche client portfolio, who had to close shop because of new regulation of the financial law in 2021.

I suggested investing the more of the company resources on product development to automize revenue, starting with Link 24.

The service was easy to find it with a Google search, but a quick desktop research revealed that it did not communicate its features as well as its competitors. A brief qualitative research also revealed that the product’s generic appearence did not evoke trust.

Phase II: Design

While developing Link 24’s brand identity, I used a parallel language to Arge 24’s brand identity I was designing at that time.
To keep the color, typography and the graphic style similar to the parent design system of Arge 24 would not only save time and make things easier for the team, but also could keep consistency throughout the agency to start evoking trust.

After analising and desiging the product plan subscriptions, we made the advantages of using a professional plan more noticable, via a chrome extention we added to the product.

Considering what was revealed during the user research, I argued my way to target different audiences with varying copies and landing pages, instead of putting all the features and capabilites of the product on one single page. This strategy was unique to Link 24; none of its competitors follow this approach for its users.

This project was a turning point in my career, since development of it earned me title of creative director within the first 3 months of my journey with Arge 24.