During my years of practicing Industrial Product Design, I developed my perspective about how ideologies, cultures and habits affect our ways of communication and our perception of reality. I came to see how
materiality, aesthetics, ethics, space or social organization can lever and affect creation.

   Over the recent years our fast changing world, human behavior has become a dominant factor in designing better solutions, even replacing material choices or aesthetics. Given the significance of human perception in speaking to what and how we design, obtaining insight into the cultural meanings attached to human behavior becomes inevitable. Because of the difference in perception among human beings, no notion should globally be accepted as de facto.

   I think that the designers are the best synthesizers of society. Since their work is to analyse society and cultures, their role is crititcal to evaluate social and practical impacts of any design. They have the ability to distill human behavior and their needs to human life.

   This is how I know channelling intentions, and managing multiple and diverging inputs to create a new, cohesive whole -be it a product, service, or creative solution for a problem-, are not only a profession, but also a life-long passion for me.

   Ezgi Elvan, 2012

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Fun facts:

I like thunders, surfing waves, walking on grass barefoot, reading outdoors, biking through traffic jams, collecting notebooks.